How It Works

Learn how Encrypted Energy helps you react to state changes on your Lightning Node.

Introducing the Encrypted Energy method

Asynchronously react to state changes on your node with event-driven tooling


Add a read-only macaroon to instantly create a secure connection to your node.


We poll your node every minute for state changes, such as channel balance changes or payments sent and received.


We asynchronously deliver events to your remote-hosted scripts and tools that describe state changes & commands.


Your remote-hosted tooling performs operations with our events that help you derive value from your node.

A clear path to making your money move programmably.

A simple, proven workflow that scales, so you can go from 0 to dozens of deployed nodes with ease.

On your own...
1 Research how to collect data from your node.
2 Write custom scripts to export your node's data.
3 Save your exported data in a scalable database.
4 Write analytical queries to make sense from your data.
5 Export your queries to data visualization tools.
6 Write automation scripts for steps 1-5 to generate a stateful dataset.
7 Implement alert queries and notifications and to get ahead of potential issues.
8 Perform routine maintenance and updates to your data collection service.
9 Pay ongoing compute infrastructure and storage expenses.
10 Profit.
With Encrypted Energy...
1 Add your node's read-only macaroon.
2 Export events to remote scripts.
3 Profit.

Only 3 easy steps—the fast-track to income from Lightning.

Achieve your income investing goals quicker with a clear, battle-tested Lightning-driven strategy, a reliable data and analytics service to measure your results, and an incredibly helpful, trusted partner along the way.

The results speak for themselves:

On your own... With Encrypted Energy...
Time Required Months Days
Risk Level High Low
Annual Node Accrual Rate BTC Unknown 2% average

Why build using an event-driven architecture?

Event-driven service design gives you the flexibility and power so that you can solve problems across all types of projects and codebases. Plus much more.


Moving code out of the critical path into background jobs to keep your application response times highly performant.


Handle a high throughput of requests with fault tolerance by breaking down your code into reliable, independently run steps.


Trigger systems outside your node in order to derive value from your node in places that are far beyond the rails of Lightning.


Dynamically adjust the allocation of compute resources based on workload — preventing over-provisioning resources.

How does Encrypted Energy collect data and generate insights?

We connect to your LND Lightning Node via a read-only macaroon, and then begin automatically polling your node for new metric and event data every minute. Our cloud-based strategy ensures the reliability and speed of our tracking services as your node scales.

Metric and Event Data Tracked
Status Online

Being a good peer means being highly available.

Synced to Chain

Know the latest updates on Bitcoin's timechain.

Watchtower Client Status

Monitor your channels for dishonest activity.

Status Locked

Know when your node has disabled functionality.

Channel Opens

Know when you or a peer adds new Ln liquidity.

Channel Closes

Know when you or a peer removes Ln liquidity.

Forced Close Channels

Know when an unexpected channel closure occurs.

Fee Policy Changes

Know when fees change in your channels.

Pending HTLCs Count

Know if your channels are being log jammed.

Capital Saturation

Only deploy as much capital as you need.

Routing Factor

Know the rate of capital transiting your node.

Plus more

New metric and event data added regularly.

Don't take our word for it.

Our customers range from personally-wealthy entrepreneurs to software engineers and military veterans. In every case, we've helped them to increase their income from their Bitcoin savings with just a few clicks of a button.

"I connected my node that was already deployed and discovered insights within 24 hours and then nearly every day since."

Paul D. — Co-Founder, Mud Wtr

"Encrypted Energy helped me realize that Lightning Routing Nodes are not just for companies with boat loads of capital; I can manage a fleet of my own. With their help, my yield increased 30% virtually overnight."

Herwig K. — Founder, InvestReady

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