Send Your Lightning Node Data to Any Service

Automate your Lightning Node operations with zero-configuration, event-driven monitoring.

Maintain Full-Custody

Connect with only a read-only macaroon. Keep your write keys, and your coins.

Automate Processes at Scale

Events to power your channel-rebalance and fee-adjustment scripts, plus much more.

Effortless Setup

Less than 1 minute to connect your node. Then click-to-create streams of events.

Stateful Metric Views

Know how your node is performing over time across dozens of metrics at scale.

What makes Encrpyted Energy special?

We're Bitcoiners just like you. We've gone down the rabbit hole, shitcoined our way to the moon, climbed our way back to digital gold, levered-up, got rekt, heated our homes with miners — and now we're awe-struck by Lightning.

Lightning Service Providers (LSPs) are growing in popularity — and for good reason. Lightning's promise of faster and cheaper payments is a worthy pursuit, but up until recently being part of this value chain was a privilege reserved for Bitcoiners who have programming skills and a fat stack.

But here's a secret. Encrypted Energy is more than an out-of-the-box toolset for developing an automation-enabled and profitable node.

We offer a path to personal exploration, the mystery of learning and discovery as Ada Lovelace developed the first computer program, as Tim Berners-Lee connected the world, and then as Satoshi Nakamoto decentralized it. Encrypted Energy will lead you to places never yet imagined, through thoughts impossible to think without the right tools and a wise guide.

Allow us to lead you in the next step of your Lightning journey. Encrypted Energy provides a way of helping customers generate income from their treasured Bitcoin savings — with no default risk.

This is why we decided to create a service that:

  1. Automatically collects data from your node
  2. Stores you node's data in a secure & scalable backend
  3. Presents dozens of charts on your node's performance in a user-friendly web app
  4. Asynchronously emits events to your apps that handle state changes for your node
  5. Lends a friendly, helping hand regarding all-things-Lightning when you need it

Best of all, Encrypted Energy answers the question, "WTF is happening with my node?" quickly and easily — so you can get on with your business. You can click to connect your node in minutes. And there's no server management required.

We would be excited to see what you can do with Encrypted Energy behind you.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

When Lightning Strikes

Here's what you get when you connect your node to Encrypted Energy:

Automatic instrumentation

Don't even lift a finger. We scrape your node for the latest event and metric data every minute.

Data pipelines in minutes, not months

Setup takes less than 5 minutes: authenticate your node and tell us your remote-endpoint, and we'll asynchronously deliver events at your own remote services.

Out-of-the-box charts and graphs

By connecting your node, you've generated dozens of data visualizations for your node that will be available in minutes.

Context-aware commands to drive efficient action

Specify parameters that control the flow of events published by Encrypted Energy — in order to cut down on wasted processing resources, and ensure undelayed reactions to critical situations.

A partner invested in your success

When you win, we win. Together, we will bootstrap the rails of digital, sound money-based finance more quickly and easily than in our own individual silos.

Still have questions? We'd be eager to hear from you when you contact us.