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Yield Max the Bitcoin ETFs

Mint interest income on your Bitcoin stack by lending to short-sellers, while keeping your skin in the game and secretly ratcheting up Bitcoin's scarcity.

Example Floating-Rate Note

Issue date July 31, 2024
Issued in Spot Bitcoin
Matures in One year
Interest rate Varies — view latest rates
Interest paid Every month until maturity
Minimum purchase $100 USD equivalent BTC
Maximum purchase Contact us
Our 1-Year Floating-Rate Notes are relatively short-termed investments that:
  • mature in one year
  • pay interest (if any) 12 times each year
  • have an interest rate that may change or "float" over time

Latest Rates - Average APY


Last updated July 14, 2024

View historical data. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Our simple, market-neutral strategy keeps rolling out Bitcoin stacks no matter which way the market swings. And with our high-touch service you'll feel like we're riding right beside you all the way. If you'd like to know more about Encrypted Energy, why don't you give us a shout?

Bitcoin Holder's Dilemma

You've gotta play the market angles—in the form of directional bets—to squeeze out yields.

Price Rollercoasters

Bet wrong and watch out – the market might bite back.

Volatility Madness

Big swings can mean big wins or big wipeouts.

Fee Fatigue

Cuts from commissions and spreads can bleed your wallet dry.

Our Master Plan

We keep our eyes peeled on the demand to borrow each Bitcoin ETF and shuffle your collateral to the hottest spots in the market.

Market Neutral

Our strategy is able to deliver Bitcoin-denominated returns that are independent of Bitcoin's mood swings.

Yield Maxing

We're nimble – flipping your coin between 7+ Bitcoin ETFs chasing where the money rains hardest.

Payday Comes Quick

Ring in the new month with fresh Bitcoin pouring into your Lightning wallet.

Got questions? Hit us up—our crew is here for you.

Dynamic yield optimization

Every funded note is invested in one or more of the 7+ Bitcoin ETFs — whichever have the highest lending rewards. When borrowing conditions change, funds are re-balanced, providing you the highest possible yield.

Learn more about dynamic yield optimization

Big League Borrowers

Think Citadel, Jane Street, Jefferies. The heavy hitters in the game are always on the prowl for securities to short. They're playing the market non-stop, looking to hedge, bet, and arbitrage

Bet your last Satoshi that if you're in the finance scene, you're already in bed with institutions dishing out dough for short positions. It's your turn to rake in some of that interest cash. We broker the deals, you collect the coin. Simple as that.

Learn more about how we keep the coin flowing.

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Lightning fast interest payments

Interest accrued on your note is paid monthly until maturity.

1st Week of Month - Interest accured is calculated
2nd Week of Month - Notification sent
3rd Week of Month - Payment attempted

To avoid any wallet woes, we recommend gearing up with a Lightning address backed by a solid provider ensuring your wallet’s always ready to catch the cash. Need one? We're here to point you to the top picks.

Free to Play, Pay to Win

Our pocket stays zipped until you’re seeing green. No play, no pay—that’s how we roll.

Earn Bitcoin-denominated income

We dish out your interest income in-kind, in Bitcoin Lightning Satoshis. That's not just because we believe in Bitcoin like you. Bitcoin Lightning payments are the the fastest, most cost-efficient, and scalable method for getting interest income to you.

Ironclad Security for Your Coin

Post-investment, we lock down your Bitcoin in Fort Knox-style brokerage houses, minimizing the dreaded "what ifs" of theft or loss. When the maturity bell rings, we flip your assets back into spot Bitcoin and zip them back via a Lightning payment.

All-In Protection Play

Only the brokers keeping 100% cash collateral get to play in our sandbox, keeping your investment solid even if the market throws a tantrum.

Curious for more? Our lines are open for a 1:1—no extra fees. Let's talk.